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CHINESE - ENGLISH Translator, ENGLISH - CHINESE Translator, ENGLISH - ENGLISH Oxford dictionary, CHINESE - CHINESE Translator, over 1,500,000 words, ENGLISH CANTONESE MANDARIN pronunciation human voice ! This business-class model is the newest piece in our language collection. In addition to its extensive dictionary, this model incorporates voice recognition for Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. TOUCH-SCREEN TECHNOLOGY - HANDWRITING INPUT Conversation - 2000 Commonly used phrases in ENGLISH CANTONESE MANDARIN JAPANESE FRENCH GERMAN ITALIAN DUTCH SPANISH Vocabulary: 1.000,000 words Recognize handwritten input via a stylus pen & touch screen Chinese to English & English to Chinese Dictionaries with common idioms Chinese to Chinese & English to English Dictionary Data exchange with PC Two IC card slots for extended functions IC card options: 1. Mega (70_in_one) IC card: contains Medical dictionaries, finance dictionaries, trade dictionaries, engineering dictionaries, etc. ($70 value) 2. Sentence translation IC card which can translate sentence/phrases from English to Chinese (& pronounce it for you). Communication cable (included): GD988 package includes a COM cable and a CD which contains all software needed to allow download and data communications (not for translation purpose; but for backing up your personal data and download some free IC cards) between GD988 and your computer. 8-line LCD display Electronic grammar book Advanced word recognition Instant reverse translation Spell checker American idioms 3000 commonly used and emergency phrases 80,000 example sentences Word analyzation with example sentence 100% True human voice Graphic example of speech pattern Travel conversation dictionary for eight countries Support both Traditional (Big5) and Simplified (GB) Chinese Include antonyms and synonyms function Cross references in separate windows New word recording Math calculator Clock World time Currency conversion Metric conversion Size = 7" x 4" x 3/4" Recording Feature With Up to 2 Minutes & 30 Seconds of Recording Time Memo with Categories, Date & Time Display Personal Organizer Including - Alarm, Appointment Reminder, Calendar, Scientific Calculator, Dictator, & Metric Conversion PLUS a World Telephone Guide to Aid in International Calling! Game Section Including TETRIS External power jack for non-battery operation PACKAGE INCLUDES Earphones, (4) AA Batteries, one rechargeable battery (please order proper Power Adapter in order to use this).

English Bulgarian Dictionary

EuroDict XP Talking

Bulgarian Talking CD

Bulgarian Talking Multilingual Dictionary

Translates and pronounciates from Bulgarian to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Turkish. Includes 60,000 pronounced Bulgarian words and dictionary base equal to a printed volume of 600,000 words. Can be used to upgrade all of the available versions of EuroDict XP!
Your best tool to learn Bulgarian!