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VIETNAMESE-ENGLISH Electronic Translator - GD-310V

Handheld Voice Speaking Digital Talking Pocket Electronic Translator Dictionary Computer organizer Voice ENGLISH VIETNAMESE & vice versa! ENGLISH & VIETNAMESE Pronunciation Human Voice Vietnamese & English pronunciation L&H Quality Speech System in English pronunciation Over 3.000.000 English<=>Vietnamese words & phrases American Heritage English to English dictionary Chinese to English & English to Chinese dictionaries 256K Electronic organizer / Display 240 x 80 / 9 categories of Professional Dictionary / 22 categories of Practical Dictionary Built-in English/Vietnamese conversation / English example phrases and Vietnamese idiom. User's Dictionary and Revision Test / Comprehensive Reference information: Travel Guide, Mathematical Formulae / Common English Name / Size Equivalent / Voltage & Frequency and Country Codes./ USA Citizen Test / Game / PC connection jack & Communication software: software included in the package (cable needs to be ordered separately) allow high-speed data communications (not f or translation purpose; but for backing up your personal data) between GD300V and your computer External power jack for non-battery operation; AAA batteries, Size (mm) 145x95x15, (in) 6"x4"x0.6", Both English and Vietnamese user manuals are included in the package One-year manufacture warranty.

English Bulgarian Dictionary

EuroDict XP Talking

Bulgarian Talking CD

Bulgarian Talking Multilingual Dictionary

Translates and pronounciates from Bulgarian to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Turkish. Includes 60,000 pronounced Bulgarian words and dictionary base equal to a printed volume of 600,000 words. Can be used to upgrade all of the available versions of EuroDict XP!
Your best tool to learn Bulgarian!