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ARABIC-ENGLISH-FRENCH Electronic Translator

ARABIC-ENGLISH-ARABIC ARABIC-FRENCH- ARABIC Pronounces all English sentences and expressions in: REAL natural HUMAN VOICE !!! Contains 3,000,000 words. Talking phrase-book arranged by different subjects. Contains 4 professional dictionaries: Medical, Business, Legal Technical Personal Organizer in Arabic Phonetic speller in English "Speller+" - A spell check program Hundreds of useful sentences arranged by different topics: general conversation, airports and flying, ground transportation, hotel, dining, phone and mail, money and shopping, recreation, medical, emergencies. Incorporates both British and American Wording Phone and address book, Month-at-a-glance calendar, Appointment book, Calculator, International time, Display 20 Character x 4 lines, 2-4 Mbytes ROM, 32KB RAM Adjustable screen contrast, Volume control, Earphone jack, Automatic power shut-off, Size (mm) 140x70x20, (in) / 5.5"x3"x.75", 3 x AAA batteries.

English Bulgarian Dictionary

EuroDict XP Talking

Bulgarian Talking CD

Bulgarian Talking Multilingual Dictionary

Translates and pronounciates from Bulgarian to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Turkish. Includes 60,000 pronounced Bulgarian words and dictionary base equal to a printed volume of 600,000 words. Can be used to upgrade all of the available versions of EuroDict XP!
Your best tool to learn Bulgarian!